Reputation Management

Making sure your good name is maintained

When you instruct us to handle your brand you can rest safe in the knowledge that we will provide a complete service to make sure that your good name is maintained in both the worlds you can see, but also in places out there such as online where you can follow negative conversations and interactions.

We specialise in accentuating the positive aspects of your business, the things that you do well and the things that make you popular with the public or with other businesses. If however there are any negative comments we are able to handle these for you and through our use of your positive PR and our intimate knowledge of how the web works we can send the bad further down searches and highlight only the positive.

We also specialise in crisis management. At its simplest a crisis is a sudden, significant negative event that can strike a business or an individual at any time. If you are dealing with such a problem or you want to try and prevent this taking place then we can can help.

1. Planning and prevention
We will be proactive and look at your business, assessing potential scenarios and planning responses for any crises that may arise.

2. Damage limitation during a crisis
If you are in the midst of a major issue we will help provide all the necessary responses and coping mechanisms to make sure that no long term damage is caused.

3. Business recovery
We will get your business back on a sound footing and produce a promotional programme so that you are back on the front foot and in the minds of customers and clients for all the right reasons .

4. Learning from the experience
We will establish a management process that will allow your organisation to learn valuable lessons and move forward to strengthen your organisation's planning and prevention.