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Digital Marketing for  Small Business Owners

Most marketing agencies have it all wrong

They focus on rankings and traffic,
not profitable websites.

Traffic and search rankings are great, but if those visitors don't convert to an actual sale,
the traffic will be meaningless to your business. 

All I care about at the end of the day is how profitable your business will be and
how we can growth hack your business revenues

Alex Maggs-Wellings

I get it, You're cash flow is tight, looking to grow, and you may not have the time or expertise to run a digital marketing campaign on your own. Thankfully, we're here to help. ABC SEO offers cost-effective online marketing services for small business owners on a restricted budget. 

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Aman Anand

ABCSEO is a game changing SEO company that will add significant value to your business and its future prospects. Here at Ispirare we have been badly let down by some major names in the SEO world and decided it was not right for us, but Alex and ABCSEO have transformed our ability to understand and more importantly execute a successful SEO strategy to generate more sales and gain more traffic. The service that Alex, the founder of ABCSEO, has provided us with has been second to none. We cannot recommend the company highly enough.

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As a relatively new company we needed a boost in our Google rankings....in a very competitive market Alex moved us up very quickly, the process isn't instant so you will need to be patient to see results....let Alex do his work and you will very quickly get to where you want to be. We had tried other companies before abcseo, more cheaper alternatives but we found that unfortunately cheaper isn't always better....in my opinion you get what you pay for for this type of work and Alex is worth every penny!!

Some of Our Top Clients

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Are you ready to boost your revenues?

What if there was a simple way with little effort on your part? If that is starting to sound good to you, this next message will really resonate with you... 

Alex Maggs-Wellings

I have grown up loving tennis, martial arts, cars and human psychology. I went into business in my 20s building and maintaining my own websites and did this at the same time as working as a tennis coach. Both of these things worked in harmony as I enjoyed having time away from the computer to teach tennis.
I then started my company ABCSEO, which is an SEO Consultancy based in Hertfordshire, in January 2015.We consult and train people in the art of SEO and Digital Marketing and help businesses gain more exposure for their website and social presence.We are already gaining an impressive reputation having helped a number of clients improve their website rankings and having taught people to manage their digital marketing campaigns.

Here is why:

My name is Alex Maggs, and in addition to being a tennis coach, and running a successful digital marketing agency, I've worked with a variety of local and large national companies across many vertical markets, getting results in some of the more competitive online markets.

In addition to me, you get access to my preferred partners who have a combined wealth of experience in many types of business. We've worked, hands on, with some challenging projects in many industries:

  • In business-to-consumer and             business to business
  • In a variety of markets and                   industries
  • Mostly small businesses
  • Services, Selling physical goods,         software and products
  • All types of business: merchants,      affiliates, e-commerce, and lead        generation sites

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Our Marketing Services might not be a good fit if ...

  • You're looking for a quick fix and you're shopping for the lowest price. 
  • You're not prepared to invest time and money into growth hacking your business with new and rewarding strategies and tactics.
  • You'd rather try to do all this all by yourself and you're happy to foot the bill for software tools, conferences on a yearly basis in all areas of online marketing and keep up with the latest best practices.

On the other hand, perhaps you're looking for a compassionate person who genuinely cares about relieving your worries about marketing your business with a done-for-you service, If so, you'll be entering a group of successful business owners that get access to the latest proven blueprints in the industry. Our team has you covered.

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Fill out the form below, and we will arrange a time for you and me to have a confidential discussion about growing your business. Let's discuss your business needs and see if we are able to help.

ABCSEO was founded by
Alex Maggs-Wellings who started out as a tennis coach and built his own websites online before moving onto consulting and training. Alex has a love of tennis, martial arts and cars and went into business on his own in his 20s as he sought to maximise his online expertise.

Confidential Discussion
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We can only offer this done-for-you service to a few clients per month. Therefore, we've got the capacity to take on only a few new clients each month because we want to focus 100% of our attention on growing your business.

This brings us to the final point, which distinguishes us from the rest. You can continue to get unsolicited calls ​from companies that just do SEO and push the latest fly by night tricks. Or, If you like what you have seen so far, we can take a holistic view of your business needs and wants and align them with your customers' wants and needs by going through the first steps of a business analysis. You can rest assured that we will provide you with a complete game plan that will lead to exponential growth and revenues for years to come.


Alex Maggs​-Wellings